Administration of Estates and Guardianships

A web site at guides users through the steps required to download and print blank forms for many probate proceedings. The site contains some 55 standard forms associated with the functions of the Probate Court provided by the Georgia Council of Probate Court Judges. These forms are also available at the Probate Court office at the Coffee County Courthouse, 101 S. Peterson Ave., Douglas, Ga. 31533. The telephone number to contact us is (912) 384-5213.

NOTE: If you proceed without an attorney, i.e. pro se, it will be your responsibility to determine or select the proceeding appropriate to your situation. The staff of the Probate Court is not allowed to make the determination or selection for you. For more information on the various proceedings filed in Probate Court, you may click on the link below.

Georgia Probate Proceedings: What to Do When a Loved One Dies